Falling Rain

Video installation, 1 TV monitor color, 2 Low stools, 2 Window curtains, 34min

This film is inspired by Northeashern-born Labours who migrate to work in a sweet factory in Bangkok. Most of these labours are 18 to 24 years old. They are low-educated and need to struggle to live their life in the big city and have lots of burden to carry, such as working for money then send it back home where they came from for their parents. Contrasting with people at the same age who grew up in the city, well-educated and well-raised up. There two groups of people have completely different burden to carry and entirely different life. This film asks question whether it is society, or fate, that dramatically discriminates these two groups from each other. In the preproduction, filmmaker studied and had conversations with these labours and developed the experience into this film, and even also put the actual conversations into this film as well.

Synopsis: Saifon, a girl moved into the capital of Thailand to find a job, meets lots of people. Each day, she faces lots of people with problems. But her life seems to be more ?cheerful? after she  gets an obscene phone call meant for the daughter of the owner of the factory she works with, but passed on the call to her. She has a similar life as many labours in the city, and also needs to send money back home. But then, in one night, the owner rapes her.

This film had premiere in Kuan-Du-Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan in 2012, and show again as an installation video art "Enclose", in a room which simulate a labour sleep room in the film, using the same "curtain" shot in the film which would create symbolical meaning and create connection between audience, film and the installation.

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