Video installation, 3 cm, 1 Brassball, 1 Chanel video color, 8min loop

“Exit” is a site-specific video installation centres a topic dealing with an institution like museum and its function in society to articulate the community’s identity. The video is projected on the glass door of museum’s exit. It follows a group of Thais living in the capital of Taiwan that reveals their lives and their different goals in foreign landscape. A TV monitor is installed facing toward the exit door showing the same Thai girl who existed on the opposite video projection wearing Chinese monk rope, sculpting a rock. 

“Exit” is a collaborative work between Jakrawal Nilthamrong and Kaensan Rattanasomrerk, created through research and development process during Rattanasomrerk, as an invited artist, participated in the residency program of ThaiTai project at Treasure Hill Artist Village.

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